DynaBolter V4.0 - Roof Bolter

The name DynaBolter is synonymous with "innovator" and one fact about an innovator is that they never stop improving. This innovative spirit is seen in the DynaBolter V4.0 dual bolt roof bolter.

The DynaBolter V4.0 roof bolter takes the safety expected in a DynaBolter and applies it to the production side of mining. Designed to improve the process of installing belt and
cable runs, the V4.0 roof bolter has two drill drives, two roof bolt drives, and two 6-bolt carousels. These features come standard but the DynaBolter V4.0 roof bolter also includes operator focused options like a front-mounted travel camera, lunch kit and water jug holder, and an over 30-bolt storage system.

The features of the DynaBolter V4.0 roof bolter along with it's operator focus, provides for an optimal working environment and helps to remove any barriers of inefficiency.

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