DynaBolter - The Roof Bolting Solution

The DynaBolter is a semi-automated, single operator, roof bolter that incorporates impressive features into its innovative design.  Whether your undergound mine is looking for a roof bolter that improves safety, increases efficiency, or provides optimal versatility, the DynaBolter is the roof bolter that has your back covered.

Unsurpassed Safety

Like the underground mines that use the DynaBolter, roof bolter, safety is of the utmost importance.  The DynaBolter, roof bolter, provides unsurpassed safety by literally putting the operator in the driver's seat.  From the safety of the cabin, the operator is able to control all functions of bolt installation; this keeps the operator away from loose back and the bolters moving mechanical parts. 

Intuitive Controls

The DynaBolter roof bolter's easy to learn controls makes training new operators effortless. This allows employers to maximize the potential of each employee and minimize the machine's downtime.  To create such an easy operating system the roof bolter uses dual joystick controls along with an on board LCD operation screen to guide the roof bolter operator while providing real-time diagnostics.


No matter the size of the machine, each roof bolter model has been built with versatility in mind. By providing a low profile chassis, with a boom that can swing around corners, the DynaBolter roof bolter allows the operator to navigate through restrictive mines with low backs and tight drifts.

Multiple-Bolt Carousel

Another key feature of the DynaBolter roof bolter is its multiple-bolt carousel, which helps to improve efficiency and increase safety. Improved efficiency is achieved by decreasing the time needed to reload after each bolt is installed, while safety is improved by allowing operators to install multiple bolts without needing to leave the safety of the cabin.

Automated Epoxy Injection

For mines that require it, the DynaBolter roof bolter can be equipped with an automated epoxy injection system.  Similar to the other functions of the roof bolter, the epoxy injection system provides the operator the ability to load and inject the epoxy from the cabin of the DynaBolter.  To ensure the proper injection of the epoxy, the DynaBolter roof bolter has a smart check system that requires specific conditions are met before allowing the operator to fire the epoxy.  The system includes an arm switch and fire button that prevents accidental discharge of the epoxy.

Dynamic Boom

With up to 3 axis of movement it is easy to manipulate the DynaBolter roof bolter's head into position.  Whether it is a head that rotates 90 degrees to create maximum clearance, or boom that stows the head on the back of the chassis, each boom design is mindful of keeping the roof bolter as versatile as possible.


As witnessed by the many chassis options DynaIndustrial is not afraid to customize a bolting solution to meet the client's needs.  From chassis choice, to bolt length, to bolt style, to epoxy injection to electric power pak options, with in-house engineering and state of the art manufacturing facilities, the possibilities are endless.