DynaBolter V3.0 - Roof Bolter

The DynaBolter V3.0 roof bolter combines the features that make the DynaBolter V2.0 roof bolter such a great machine with a larger chassis. The DynaBolter V3.0 roof bolter allows for a higher boom reach (8052mm or 26'-5"), longer roof bolt length (2438mm or 8'-0") and an increased working envelope.

With the increased capability one might assume this limits the machines versatility,
however standing just over 2000mm ot 78.75" tall the V3.0 roof bolter still maintains a low profile. Combine this low height with a boom arm that can rotate 270 degrees to stow on the back of the roof bolter and you have a machine with large capability and maximum versatility.

The DynaBolter V3.0 roof bolter is the best of both worlds!