DynaBolter V2.0 - Roof Bolter

The DynaBolter roof bolter started like many of the manufactured products at DynaIndustrial, as a solution to a client's problem. The difference with the DynaBolter roof bolter is that it is a custom solution to a common problem. DynaIndustrial developed the DynaBolter to be a roof bolting machine that improves the safety of roof-bolting, while being efficient and easy to use.

After seeing the DynaBolter's features we feel most will agree that it is a machine designed, engineered and manufactured with every thought given to the well-being of mine workers. The DynaBolter roof bolter provides many of the same functions as a large semi-automated roof bolter, but does so with a low-profile that is usually only seen in manual roof bolters.

The DynaBolter is a unique roof bolting machine that is an essential piece of equipment for any mine.