DynaBolter V2.1

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DynaBolter V2.1

DynaBolter V2.1

As the DynaBolter has been built to improve mine safety, we at DynaIndustrial are built to continuously improve the DynaBolter. The development of the DynaBolter V2.1 takes the body shape and style of the V2.0 but incorporates new design features that make for a more robust machine with increased capability.

The DynaBolter V2.1 features:

a slew bearing to provide for even smoother head rotation;

a rotor unit for running visually clean hydraulic hoses;

a scope cylinder that is protected inside the machines boom;

valves enclosed in stainless steel boxes;

drill and bolt rails that are fully boxed to increase strength;

a higher resolution operation screen;adjustable bolt capabilities (6’0” - 8’0”);and

an adjustable mast spike.

The DynaBolter V2.1’s design and features are a good illustration of DynaIndustrial’s commitment to continuously improving the already great products that we are excited to be able to provide to our customers.