Could've had a V3

Could've had a V3

It's recommended that safe mines use roof-bolts to help secure the back, and ensure the health of mine workers. As many already know the use of the DynaBolter V2.0 with its low profile design, multiple bolt carousel, and intuitive controls improves the important roof-bolting process. On the other hand what most might not know is that they "Could’ve had a V3.0."

Utilizing the features that make the V2.0 such a great machine with a larger chassis, the V3.0 allows for a higher boom reach (8052mm or 26'-5"), longer bolt length (2438mm or 8'), and an increased working envelope. With the increased capability one might assume this limits the machines versatility, however standing just over 2000mm (78.75") tall the V3.0 still maintains a low profile. Combine this low height with a boom arm that can rotate 270 degrees to stow on the back of the machine and you have a bolter with a large capability and maximum versatility.

As well, due to the unique working conditions that the DynaBolter V3.0 will be under, the machine has been engineered and designed with an increased focus on corrosion protection. To combat the unique working conditions the V3.0 has a specialized coating on all running surfaces, uses all stainless steel hose ends and maintains wash-down rated steel enclosures for all valves and electronics.

Now the next time a mine is looking to improve its roof-bolting process it is important to remember that if the DynaBolter V2.0 doesn't have the capability the mine needs, then they should have a (DynaBolter) V3.0!